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SPS Technical have installed new Thermal Security Camera Monitoring Stations to support clients as they reopen against the threat of coronavirus. The monitoring stations are designed to ease the process of screening employees for a fever that may be related to the coronavirus.

Thermal cameras can detect and display heat signatures from people and objects quickly. In comparison to more traditional methods of body temperature measurement, thermal security cameras can significantly improve speed and accuracy and also help to reduce cross-infection.

For example, it would take an average of almost 1 hour to measure the temperature of 1,000 people using forehead thermometers (3 seconds per person). To measure the same number of people using thermal cameras would take less than 30 minutes on average.


SPS Technical recently installed a Thermal Temperature Monitoring Station at Coachman Caravans, based in Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, Hull.

“Coachman Caravans ... recently purchased thermal imaging camera that scans all employees and contractors temperatures before entering the site is a great asset. We are very pleased that all employees feel safe in the fact that we operate a safe, secure site in relation to Covid-19 with the implementation of our new procedures.”

phil martinezCoachman Caravans

A Thermal Temperature Monitoring Station is capable of identifying individuals with elevated temperature or fever. Equipped with a built-in AI algorithm, the monitoring stations can screen multiple people from a safe distance, enabling fast assessment without personal contact.

The Thermal Temperature Monitoring Station includes:

  • Highly accurate temperature readings within 0.3 degrees Celsius accuracy
  • Completely unmanned screening procedures to keep up with social distancing practices
  • Constant measurement of foot traffic at up to 10 faces simultaneously
  • Immediate readings with elevated temperature alerts
  • Powerful AI detection to reduce false readings caused by hot beverages and masked faces

If you would like more information on our Thermal Temperature Monitoring Stations, get in touch for a free consultation. Contact us today on 01482 226570 or fill out our simple form (here).


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