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Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems For Businesses


It is vital to select a quality, reliable intruder alarm system to keep your business, people, assets and property fully protected.

Here at SPS Security Technical, we offer a full range of top quality, competitively priced intruder alarm systems.

Our intruder alarm solutions can meet all requirements and range from small domestic stand-alone systems to monitored intruder systems. We provide fully wired or wireless solutions from the first fixing stage to complete installation and commissioning.

We can also take over existing systems, which can often be a more cost-effective option if you want to change your provider but retain the original system (subject to the condition of your current system and your current contract obligations).



Wired Intruder Systems are extremely common throughout the industry and provide the most reliable form of protection for any commercial or residential building.

In its simplest format, a system will comprise of a keypad, panel, motion detector, door contact and external bell sounder. The user arms and disarms the system upon entering or leaving the building. Devices protect doors, windows and rooms and if one or two zones are breached at any point, the system will sound notifying specific parties if required.

SPS Technical is an SSAIB accredited installer and adheres to strict guidelines laid out by a governing body.



There are two methods of monitoring an intruder system and they are usually stipulated by an insurer.

Method one is Single path – where the system is remotely monitored via a standard analogue phone line only and via the onboard or standalone communicator.

Method two is Dual Path – this uses a communications unit and transmits data via a standard analogue phone line and a GPRS antenna as a secondary path. If the phone line is cut or damaged the system can still transmit signals to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). A host of signals are transmitted every day and we act following the site protocol agreed between both parties if an intruder signal is received out-of-hours.



Intruder systems are serviced once or twice per annum, dependant on the nature of the business involved and the grade of system. We have the resources, including spare parts, system knowledge and documentation to comply with SSAIB accreditation.

Each service visit includes:

  • Inspection and testing of all system lead-acid batteries.
  • Testing to ensure all circuits are functioning correctly.
  • Walk test devices.
  • Communications test with the central monitoring station.
  • Complete log book & other documentation.
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