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Analogue Vehicle CCTV

Intelligent CCTV Systems For Vehicles

Increasingly taxis, private hire vehicles and local authority buses have CCTV installed to monitor onboard activities, safeguard the public and protect staff welfare.

Typically, the system will comprise of a digital video recorder and a number of cameras strategically placed around the vehicle. In most cases, audio can also be recorded. The systems will automatically loop, over-writing recorded data through a 28-day cycle.

Our engineers have years of experience in the automotive industry – installing a wide variety of navigation, security and audio systems into a whole host of vehicles, both private and commercial.

A range of our systems also offer 3G GPRS support, this enables our customers to dial into a system remotely and access live footage on the move. For these systems GPRS and mobile network coverage are required, therefore we cannot guarantee connection or adequate signal strength 100% of the time, much like a mobile phone.

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