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Access Control Systems

Intelligent Access Control Systems For Businesses


Access control allows you to control, monitor or restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles into, out of, and around a building or site.

It gives you the ability to protect your people, assets and your property.

Our engineers can install a range of access control systems and offer interfaces to CCTV, electronic gates and barriers, number plate recognition, turnstiles, fire and alarm management, time and attendance and building management systems.



Intercoms are typically used to communicate between a visitor and site from building floors to the main entrance, or remotely from site to another place of business.

A standard intercom system will be capable of two-way audio and have the ability to remotely open a door or gate. Video systems enable the receiving party to view the individual calling the system either in black & white or colour LCD touch screens.

Our systems range above and beyond intercoms using standard analogue lines or voice over IP and include LCD databases to remotely open doors and call points at the touch of a button from across the world.

We offer a full range of intercoms tailored to the client’s requirement or site geographical restraints.


Automated Gates

Automation of gates to business or residential properties provides great access control. A cost-effective solution can be to automate your existing gates or we can supply and install a full new pair of swing, leaf or sliding gates.

Gates can be controlled on-site via intercom systems or remotely controlled from our Control Centre, whilst viewed in sync with our CCTV systems.



Biometrics is the latest addition to the world of Access Control using fingerprint, hand and iris scanning to open a door, gate, turnstile or barrier.

These systems use a database where an individual’s credentials are stored along with the method of activation to enter.

Biometric systems provide the highest level of security for any application and can be used for time and attendance, linked together with an access system.

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