Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system is essential for every business

A fire alarm system is essential for every business.  Statistics show that 80% of organisations that have a major fire cease trading within three years.

At SPS Technical, we provide and install conventional, twin wire, addressable and radio fire alarm systems, together with fire extinguishers.

We provide full training to ensure your employees know how to activate the systems and can operate the extinguishers correctly.  We also offer service and maintenance contracts to ensure your system is always fully functional.



The sort of fire alarm system you need depends upon your business size and type. Conventional systems are ideal for smaller businesses. Twin-wire systems have detection zones and you can add sounders to the detection circuit. Addressable fire systems can transmit data over the detection circuit, allowing the user to identify the exact location of the fire. Wireless fire systems are ideal for organisations with multiple buildings.



There are six different types of fire extinguishers. Which one you choose depends upon your type of business, and the kind of fire you may face:

  • Class A extinguishers are for solids, for example, wood, plastic, paper, etc.
  • Class B extinguishers are for flammable liquids, for example, petrol, oil, paraffin, etc.
  • Class C extinguishers are for flammable gases, for example, methane, propane, etc.
  • Class D extinguishers are for metals, for example, aluminium, titanium, iron, etc.
  • Class E extinguishers are for fires that involve electrical equipment, for example, computers.
  • Class F extinguishers are for cooking materials, for example, fats and oils.



We recommend that your fire alarm system and extinguishers are serviced annually and we would undertake this as part of an on-going maintenance contract.