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No longer just a basic form of entry control or a method of communicating between offices, a modern network-compatible video intercom system comes with a range of functionality and smart features. As with the example in the video above, these systems are incredibly versatile, either as a stand-alone system or when integrated with other layers of security to provide the user with extra convenience, potential money savings and increased productivity.

A video intercom system can be used to create an access control system, ideal for businesses, schools or student accommodation. We will work with you to develop the perfect system, utilising biometric, PIN or proximity readers when and where necessary. Our systems also provide, a two-way audio system, so your visitors can identify themselves, easily.  An integrated system such as this would allow users to receive visual entry notifications on their smartphones even when they are not around and give the appropriate access if required.

We spoke to Lee Holgate, Technical Director at SPS Technical about the systems currently being installed, “We are very conscious of the expectations of clients who demand IoT and associated connectivity with easy to use services as standard. When it comes to door entry, a good audio-video intercom system and intruder alarm is a simple way for users to manage door entry and keep their property secure. Our latest systems are integrated with building management systems for seamless door entry and a reduction in the amount of infrastructure.”

For more info about our video intercom systems and how we can help your business manage door entry, please get in touch either by calling us on 01482 226 570 or by filling out our contact form (click here).