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Our specially designed Rapid Deployment CCTV towers have been developed to provide security to areas which are largely inaccessible by wired CCTV Systems. Housed within a single unit, the Rapid Deployment CCTV system features a variety of cutting-edge security technology and can be mounted with CCTV cameras and/or Floodlights depending on the situation. Extendable to 6 metres, the tower is suitable for a number of purposes, with everything stored safely inside the one unit.

Typically our Rapid Deployment CCTV system includes:

  • 6TB NVR
  • 4G Mobile Router
  • 1x 360 PTZ Dome
  • 4 x 4K Static Cameras
  • Full analytics including object removal, intrusion or loitering detection, facial recognition, and more.


Ideally suited for use on construction sites or at events which don’t have access to mains power, our Rapid Deployment System can be installed quickly and cost-effectively to ensure your site is always protected. Each system we build features:

  • A mobile and self-contained unit which is easy to transport
  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Vandalism proof design
  • 2 opposite doors and top covers in which you can safely store equipment
  • All technology can be contained within the lockable case when not in use
  • An all-weather telescopic mast for CCTV or floodlight
  • 4 extendable stabilisers to ensure stability
  • A manual winch for quick deployment

Each system also comes complete with its own app designed to provide you with a comprehensive system and status information in a quick and easy to use format.


Integrated Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Where mains power is unavailable and wired detection is not an option, our Hydrogen Fuel Cell System can offer hard to reach areas a complete site security system. Designed to utilise the site generator to charge throughout the day, the system provides full site security system support during the night and over the weekend period, ensuring that the system remains active and the site is secure.