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PA and Audio Systems

PA and Audio Systems For Businesses

Our engineers at SPS Technical have built up a vast knowledge-base on PA systems from five to 100 speaker installations on any particular site.

Some of our larger installations include food production facilities and shopping centres – with systems including amplifiers, speakers, broadcast abilities and tone emitters for fire and evacuation.

Many PA systems today are used to broadcast music across a public place or areas of workforce activity. Many factors are taken into consideration like cubic volume, individual areas, noise levels at peak times and speaker placement to provide suitable coverage and volume levels.

Speaker design is an important factor to consider with many options available, although typically all provide the same outcome. Full weatherproof IP65 units are also available if required.

Microphones or call stations are used to broadcast messages across pre-set zones or entire systems. If required personnel can dial into a PA system from a mobile phone or landline to remotely broadcast an important message.

All systems are usually serviced once annually.

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